Travel App that Delivers Tailored Itineraries by Local Experts

Discover the design process behind Vasco, an app revolutionizing travel planning. My UI/UX design approach turned personalization and intuitive navigation into a reality, delivering unique journeys designed by local experts.


My mission was to propel the outdated website into the 21st century, creating a modern digital space that resonates with the brand’s primary audience – the savvy Gen X and Gen Z consumers.


With bold fonts and sharp edges, I crafted a contemporary layout reflecting Bikegear’s powerful brand persona. This design epitomizes their market supremacy and the limitless spirit of the biking community.

Experience seamless shopping with our dynamic carousel, showcasing the finest biking gear at unmatched prices, complemented by our quick ‘Add to Cart’ feature.

Our landing page skillfully intertwines trust-building elements with the latest offers, nurturing a relationship with users while keeping them updated.

Get all the key information you seek at a single glance with our efficiently designed product page.

Crafted with precision, each hover state delights with smooth and engaging transitions

The strength of a brand’s integrity is equally matched by the power of its mission statement.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our mobile-responsive design that adjusts to your screen, ensuring a seamless user journey at every turn.


Experience our dynamic app prototype designed in Figma, featuring button interactions to showcase its capabilities. Although text field interactions are unavailable, you can easily navigate and preview the web layout by clicking the dedicated button below.

Animesh was instrumental in refining my concept, providing valuable input during brainstorming sessions, and supporting the process of app curation, ultimately bringing my vision to life.

Avinash Mada

Founder, Vasco and IG Accelerators

Animesh Mahato

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