Travel App that Delivers Tailored Itineraries by Local Experts

Discover the design process behind Vasco, an app revolutionizing travel planning. My UI/UX design approach turned personalization and intuitive navigation into a reality, delivering unique journeys designed by local experts.


Making travel planning a breeze for explorers around the world. I aimed to reduce the arduous 40-hour itinerary design process, giving travelers more time to anticipate their adventures.


I conceptualized a highly intuitive app interface that prompts users with targeted questions upon sign-up. This input aids local tour experts, who, coupled with AI technology, create personalized itineraries in a matter of minutes, thereby creating a seamless link between travelers and tour experts globally.


The result was a seamless app that turned daunting travel planning into a straightforward, user-friendly process. It not only reduced the itinerary design time dramatically but also ensured that every journey was uniquely tailored to the user’s preferences, making travel planning more personalized and enjoyable than ever before. However the app is not launched because of financial issues inside the company.

Crafted a Seamless User Journey for the Ultimate Travel Experience

Creating a Delightful User Experience with Animated Login Signup Flow

A warm welcoming screen to make the user feel like home and get them ready for the questionnaire

The itinerary section, our app’s prime feature, I’ve implemented user-friendly methods, such as a prominent date, time section, destination sections in a flow to simplify navigation and enhance users’ interaction during their travel.

A dynamic “Hours Saved” progress bar at the top engages users as they answer questions, motivating them to advance by showcasing their accomplishments.

Elevating the User Experience by striking the Perfect Balance in Colors and Element Positioning

The intuitive Itinerary Designer (travel guide) Profile presents comprehensive information about the touring guide, enabling users to effortlessly compare ratings, reviews, and experience to make an informed choice for their next travel adventure.

A multi-screen user interface is employed to emphasize user-friendliness and maximize ease of use at every level.

Not limiting our service to just the app, we’ve developed a web interface as well, accommodating customers who opt for familiarizing themselves with the web version before committing to the app download.

An intuitive, streamlined module, the overview tab displays all travel destinations in one convenient location, making it effortless to manage and modify.

In response to the post-COVID era, our app features a specialized section focusing on pandemic-compliant information, allowing users to stay updated with necessary precautions and protocols for their travel destinations.

A carefully designed high CTR landing page helping users make confident decisions.

Each activity is meticulously broken down with precise time stamps, ensuring users can avoid any confusion and enjoy a smooth experience.


Experience our dynamic app prototype designed in Figma, featuring button interactions to showcase its capabilities. Although text field interactions are unavailable, you can easily navigate and preview the web layout by clicking the dedicated button below.

Animesh was instrumental in refining my concept, providing valuable input during brainstorming sessions, and supporting the process of app curation, ultimately bringing my vision to life.

Avinash Mada

Founder, Vasco and IG Accelerators

Animesh Mahato

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